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Jonathan van den Wijngaarden
14:45 - 15:45
Jonathan van den Wijngaarden,
BGIn SIG - Game Audio


As the video games industry continues to advance the professionalization of game audio becomes ever more important. Technical improvements in full digital surround sound and the increased usage of live orchestra and commercial bands to score and engineer game audio continues to evolve the game audio landscape. The Game Audio Special Interest Group (GASIG) seeks to improve, standardize, and broaden the overall awareness and understanding of game developers and public alike to the importance of high-quality game audio.

During the Free Gaming Event in Rotterdam, the GASIG will hold its very first get together enabling industry professionals and newcomers to meet and expand their network. Attendees will review the short and long-term goals of the SIG, as well as participate in discussions behind its current agenda including the formation of an advisory board, legal/ rights issues, and membership benefits. Knowledge sharing is key to this event and a Q&A session will be held to enable members and non-members a platform to express their questions and concerns.

This meeting is intended for all game audio professionals and enthusiasts interested in professionalizing game audio within the industry.

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